10 Styling Tips to Decorate Your Dresser Top

10 Styling Tips to Decorate Your Dresser Top

A dresser is one of the main focal points of the bedroom. It also adds a significant source of functionality. It holds our clothes and personal belongings. You can also make your dresser into a stylish piece of artwork. Instead of throwing your flatscreen television on your dresser, consider dressing it up. There are many different styling tips you can use.  

If you want to transform your white and gold 6 drawer dresser into an interior design masterpiece, we can help. These tips will help you make your home look like it is out of a Home and Garden Living magazine. Keep reading if you’re ready to transform your bedroom (or at least your dresser).


Styling Your Dresser Top

Styling Your Dresser Top

Styling your dresser top can be tricky, especially when you don’t have a knack for interior design. However, these ten tips should make it easy for you. By implementing these, your dresser will look chic and put together. When styling, choose innovative pieces that accent the other colors in your bedroom. 

1. Keep It Clean

You can have the most stylish dresser in the world, but if it’s covered with a layer of dust, then it doesn’t matter. It’s essential to keep your dresser top clean. Do a thorough dusting of your 6 drawer dresser periodically. This will involve completely removing all of the items on your dresser and cleaning underneath them. After that, dust on top of all of the things. This will make the entire setup look new. 

You can use a basic cleaner such as Pledge and a microfiber cloth to dust the area. For maintenance in between, use a soft dust-attracting wipe, such as a Swiffer wipe. This will help remove dust from any surfaces. This minor consideration will significantly impact the overall look of your bedroom. 

2. Have a Focal Point At the Center 

With most interior design projects, you want to have a focal point. This is no exception. We recommend having a focal point near the center of the dresser. What is most common is a mirror. Some white 6 drawer dressers come with matching mirrors for above the dresser. However, purchasing a simple round mirror and hanging that above it will look more trendy and modern. 

If you don’t love the look of mirrors, you can try something different. Consider hanging a large hat on the wall (such as a cowboy hat). If you have country roots, this is a great way to incorporate them. You can also hang a poster of your favorite band or television show. 

3. Add Some Height

The focal point will act as the tallest part of your dresser decor; however, you don’t want to stop there. We recommend adding height throughout your dresser set-up in other ways. Adding height will make the area look more attractive and textured. By keeping everything one size, it will look monotone and cluttered. 

One of our favorite ways to add height is with a chic vase and dried flowers. You can use eucalyptus stems, pampas grass, or wheat grass. These flowers are dried and will not need to be replaced over time. However, they are pretty tall and will add the height that the space needs for some added interest. 

4. Stack Books

Are you a big reader? Bringing bits and pieces of your personality into your design is an excellent idea. We love the idea of stacking your favorite books. You can stack them horizontally or vertically depending on whether you need more width or height to balance the area. Choose spines that complement each other and look good with the rest of the room. 

If you don’t have any books in mind, you can always purchase coffee table books. These are often different fashion icon books that are meant to work as an art piece in the home more than they are actually reading material. They will add a level of elegance to your space. 

5. Add Ambiance 

Your bedroom should be the warmest and most inviting space in the whole house. One way to create this is by adding candles. Candles will instantly make a room seem more welcoming. Imagine lighting your favorite candle after a long day at work. 

Some people have their favorite scented candles that they use. This is great for the scent of the room. However, there are other options for a more aesthetic look. You can opt for large, white pillar candles or even antique candlesticks. Antique candlesticks can come in beautiful shades of brass, adding a new level of interest to the space. These will also add height and dimension to your white 6 drawer dresser top. In our opinion, you can never have too many candles. 

6. Use a Tray

You want your dresser to be as functional as it is stylish. This means that you’ll need to incorporate pieces that actually serve a purpose. Since we’ve talked a lot about adding height, you will want to add some shorter pieces. This will add more dimension to the appearance of the dresser. One perfect smaller item to add is a simple jewelry tray. 

These usually come in clay or glass. You can get them in various colors, patterns, and sizes. The purpose of a tray is to place jewelry and eyewear there after a long day. It provides a safe resting ground for laying your belongings after a long day. This way, you’ll always know where to retrieve them the next morning. 

7. Add Natural Elements 

Any interior designer knows the importance of bringing the outside indoors! There is something so tranquil about trees and flowers. Thankfully many are indoor-friendly. We recommend adding these natural elements to the inside of your home. There are many elements to adding plants inside. In particular, adding plants to your bedroom will help filter the air, so you breathe cleaner. Furthermore, they have a calming effect. 

To add natural elements to your dresser, consider replacing a vase full of your favorite flowers every few weeks. This is a great way to boost the mood in your space. Make sure you commit to regular maintenance to keep it healthy! If you can’t commit to that, purchase your favorite house plant. 

8. Stick to the Rule of Three

In interior design, there’s a Rule of Three. This states that three items will make a space look balanced—two look empty, and anything over three looks cluttered. When working with a larger area, such as a dresser, you can play around with this rule a little bit. 

You may decide to use the Rule of Three on one side of the dresser. Find three objects that speak to you. Strategically set them up on one end of the dresser. You may have your focal point in the middle. This will help it look balanced on that side. You may consider using a large house plant to balance the other side. 

9. Light it Up

A dresser is a great place to add a little bit more light to the bedroom. A little bit of light goes a long way! If you’re lacking light, throw in a table lamp. You can conveniently place the lamp on one side of the dresser. Your dresser is the perfect place for this. It often has enough size and height to help balance the entire staging out. 

Find a lamp that complements your other style choices. For example, if your bedroom is a modern farmhouse, then you might opt for a simple grey lamp with a basic white lampshade. If your bedroom is more industrial, you can opt for an exposed Edison bulb. Regardless, play into the current theme to find the perfect lamp for your space. 

10. Layer

With most things in interior design, you want to layer! Layering is essential for a space to look full and planned. By adding layers, you’re adding dimension and interest. Otherwise, the room could begin to look dull. Make sure to layer with different heights and textures. This will continue to make your space look more interesting. 

Hold different decor pieces together and see how they look side-by-side. This will help you decide whether they complement each other. One of the essential things to know in interior design is that not everything has to match. Instead, find things that complement each other. 

After years of everything being very matchy-matchy, we now have some more freedom to choose pieces we love instead of staying committed to identical sets. This allows you to have fun while decorating your white and gold 6 drawer dresser! Stay diligent about the layers of your decor.



Decorating a dresser can be difficult. Many of us are used to placing a matching mirror or a flatscreen television there. However, we now have more freedom when decorating our white and gold 6 drawer dresser. This may require more thought and preparation. However, the end product is often more artful and functional. We hope you’re ready to transform your dresser to look its best by following these ten tips.

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