11 Reasons To Choose a Solid Wood Bedroom Set

Shopping for bedroom furniture is always tricky—you need to find something comfortable, long-lasting, and suitable to your taste. When looking at furniture set options, it’s tempting to reach for the cheapest and simplest option, typically a bedroom furniture set made of synthetic materials. However, a solid wood bedroom set is a valuable investment that will make a significant difference in the appearance of your bedroom.

At first glance, a solid wood bedroom might seem expensive and outdated. But once you look more closely, you’ll discover that wood furniture pieces are gorgeous, handcrafted artisanal designs that bring your bedroom to life. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of choosing a solid wood bedroom set. 


Durability is the most obvious reason to invest in a solid wood bedroom set. A cheaply made bed frame or dresser constructed from fake wood will chip or break over time. Although some fake wooden furniture pieces can become the reliable hidden gems of your home, most of them will likely end up donated or in a dumpster within a matter of years. 

In contrast, a solid wood bedroom set is as strong as, well, a tree. Authentic wooden furniture can last for multiple generations without taking on significant damage. Wood will not rust or tarnish, and quality wood will not break after repeated use. 

Timeless Style

If you’re choosing bedroom furniture for your forever home (or at least your forever bedroom set), you should try selecting an aesthetic style that won’t feel outdated in 10 years. Many large furniture companies aim their mass-produced furniture sets on the market at impulse buyers and align with the current interior design trends, much like how fast fashion clothing focuses on microtrends. 

In this regard, bedroom furniture sets of wood are ideal. Since furniture makers build wooden furniture to last long, artists design timeless pieces rather than following short-lived trends. Thus, wood furniture has a classic, traditional look that always stays in style.

Easy Maintenance

Solid wood bedroom furniture sets are also good choices if you want furniture that’s easy to clean. Most of the time, all you need to do to clean wooden furniture is wipe off the dust with a dry rag. You can also spruce up your furniture sets with the occasional coat of clear wax. Cleaning wood is much simpler in comparison to other furniture materials, such as metals that tarnish or plastics that stain. 

Since solid wood furniture bedroom sets have a natural grain texture, any scratches or dents will blend in. Furthermore, you can sand off scratches and make repairs without much effort or money. 

Unique Designs

Get a solid wood bedroom set if you want unique bedroom furniture. Every piece of wooden furniture is slightly different. From the color and grain pattern to the texture of the natural material, your wooden bedroom set is unlike any other. A wood bedroom set can also have intricate, handmade carvings—look for an independent furniture studio if you want one-of-a-kind designs that you will not find elsewhere. 

Beautiful Finishes

When you get a solid wood bedroom set, you also get to choose a finish. You can stain wood furniture in many colors, making it easy to match your bedroom set with other furniture or develop a unique color scheme. Popular stain colors range from deep mocha browns to light golds. 

Finishes also create shine, elevate natural grain patterns, and add a protective layer to the wood. Different finishes achieve different looks. For example, varnish or lacquer will make the wood extra shiny, whereas an oil finish will create a sleek, matte appearance. 


If you plan on using bedroom furniture over several decades, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually redesign your space. A wooden bedroom set provides plenty of versatility, allowing you to take your interior design concept in any direction you desire. 

Wood furniture acts somewhat like a neutral color for design: you can decorate the rest of the space in various ways, and the wood furniture will still look good. For instance, a wooden bed frame will look equally lovely in a rustic farmhouse bedroom as it would in a mid-century modern bedroom. 


Solid wood furniture bedroom sets are also one of the most environmentally sustainable bedroom furniture options. To begin with, you don’t throw wood furniture out. Genuine solid wood doesn’t wear down, and it rarely breaks, so you’ll only purchase the set once, thus reducing both waste and production pollution.

Additionally, solid wood furniture production can have a less negative environmental impact than MDF or other synthetic counterparts. Many wood furniture companies now work with wood that the Forest Stewardship Council approves. The FSC promotes tree preservation and certifies wood sourced in sustainable ways. 

Cost Effective

Solid wood furniture sets are surprisingly cost-effective. Although some solid wood bedroom furniture sets are quite expensive, you can also find simple wood furniture pieces available at very accessible prices. Regardless of the upfront cost, buying a solid wood furniture set will surely save you money in the long run. With a quality bedroom set, you won’t have to spend money on replacement furniture or repairs. 

Additionally, the longevity of wood furniture means that you can repurpose it in your home, essentially providing yourself with the building blocks to redo rooms whenever you wish. You can move an old wooden dresser to a child’s bedroom or turn a nightstand into a living room side table.  


Wood furniture is also highly customizable. When you order a new solid wood bedroom set, you can request certain wood stains or detailing. A bedroom furniture store may even offer more extensive customization options, giving you the chance to commission your dream bedroom furniture.

Once you own wooden furniture, the options for DIY projects are limitless. You can add new paint or finishes to your wooden furniture with the proper equipment. If you have carpentry skills, you could also modify the structural elements of a furniture piece. 

More Personality 

Overall, wood furniture sets will add more personality and character to your home. No one will see your bedroom and think you have bland taste in furniture. Solid wood furniture creates a strong, warm feeling that lends gravitas to the space. Plus, the versatility and customizable wood elements allow you to get creative with your design choices.

On the other hand, mass-produced plywood furniture won’t add weight to a room and will quickly feel dated as you move on to other design styles. 

Family Heirlooms

Finally, you should buy a solid wood bedroom set not just for yourself but for your future family. Whether you have children, relatives, or a chosen family, there’s something special about having cherished items that get passed on to loved ones. 

Wooden furniture can survive for multiple lifetimes, so the bedroom set you purchase today could one day be in the bedroom of your grandchild. With family heirloom furniture, you’ll have a meaningful way to take care of your family for a long time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a solid wood bedroom set is more than just a style from the past. Solid wood furniture is an important investment in your household and your family, not to mention your daily comfort and convenience. Considering the material’s attractive appearance, extensive design options, and long-term durability, solid wood is the ideal choice for a bedroom set. 

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