6 Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

6 Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

You don’t have much bedroom space, so it’s imperative to use every inch. While decorating it, you should consider functionality and appearance. Both will contribute that you enjoy time spent in the bedroom. A well-decorated space will make it a true have. 

It’ll be an area you can count on when relaxation is necessary. The pieces you’ll add will depend on your preference. You can go for a black or brown king bed frame, but a comfortable mattress is mandatory. This guide discusses other tips to decorate this area and make it dazzling. Here’s what you can do to spice up a small bedroom!

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Limited space available in your sleeping area is tricky to decorate. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a pleasure. Consider it a challenge to identify the best solution to decorate your bedroom. Follow these steps to maximize every inch of available room!

1. It All Starts with Finding the Best Bed

    The only furniture piece that doesn’t allow any compromises is the bed you will use. It’s where you’ll sleep every night. That means spending at least eight hours minimum in the bed. It should be big enough to guarantee comfort. 

    The shape, style, and other details must fit your preferences. Finally, you should stick to reliable brands. These ensure a long-term investment and guarantee durability. Check out some popular market models below!

    Buy Homey Design HD-8018 California King Panel Bedroom Set 6 Pcs in Gold  Finish, Brown, Beige, Wood online

    If you want to feel like an aristocrat, a luxurious bed is a perfect pick. Homey Design is famous for elegant furniture pieces that remind you of the Victorian era. The HD-8018 uses wood and composite compounds as primary materials. 

    The brown king bed frame is incredibly sturdy and durable. You’ll notice upholstered leather on the headboard for premium comfort. Apart from lying down, you can sit up and watch TV or read books. A tall headboard captures attention and is an excellent choice for single-colored walls.

    Homey Design went with a combination of brown and gold finishes. They add to the overall elegance and luxury. If you like aristocratic and traditional styles, this bed can be the focal point of the entire room’s design.

    You might not be a fan of a brown king size bed in a Victorian style. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on bold colors. Furthermore, a strong shade like cherry can be an excellent choice for compact spaces. It will capture attention and become a focal point of your small bedroom.

    Glory Furniture has several models, but their Bergen Cherry unit is among the most popular. It’s an entry-level bed that won’t cost a fortune. The product is easy to assemble. However, you’ll need to get a bed foundation or box spring for the setup.

    The bed has a button-tufted headboard to spice up the design. It adds elegance and luxury. The durable twill cover is of exceptional quality, and the frame is at a relatively low height.

    Did you imagine your bedroom as a modern space with contemporary items? A minimalistic approach is a wise move for compact areas. And while you can go for a dark brown king bed, white is a better choice for modern rooms.

    Anna King Bed features a minimal but stylish design. It has a low frame but large legs in the corners. It ensures maximum stability and durability. The manufacturer added a high-gloss white lacquer to make the bed eye-captivating. You’ll notice squared patterns on the headboard. It keeps straight lines to fit a modern and minimalistic approach.

    The bed weighs over 300 pounds, which contributes to stability. It also speaks about the material quality used by Whiteline. You’ll need to assemble the bed, but the instructions are clear.

    2. Top Suggestions for Experimenting with Color

      Never underestimate the power of colors. Choosing shades for your compact bedroom wisely is imperative. Most experts suggest lighter tones as they make the space bigger. But it ultimately depends on your preference. If you like a brown leather king bed, place it as the focal point and decorate accordingly.

      Do you need suggestions on choosing colors for your room? Check out the following creative ideas:

      • Go with an all-white approach. Bright colors make restricted areas feel bigger. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick an all-white approach. The trick lies in combining shades. You can mix cream white with high-glossy items. Adding several plants, colored picture frames or pillows could break the monotony.

      • Make a personal statement with bold colors. You might be a teen that plans to hang posters and vivid pictures in the bedroom. Perhaps you have a cheerful personality, and colors seem a fitting choice for your bedroom. Don’t hesitate to pursue turquoise, pink, and other bold options if you go with bold tones. Combine these shades with unusual patterns for pillows and decorative items.

      • Use the contrast of dark and light. This approach is more suitable for modern bedrooms. You can pick black or dark shades for the walls. But if you do, go with a bed with a beige or gray finish. You can add a white nightstand or dresser or other accessories in lighter tones. Golden picture frames and lamps could help break the monotony of a dark wall.

      3. The Ceiling Is the Fifth Wall – Don’t Underestimate It

        Homeowners that aren’t professional designers might ignore the ceiling factor. The majority leaves it white, which is a mistake since you miss out on its potential. It doesn’t matter if you choose a white queen or brown king bed. While lying down, you’ll spend time looking at the ceiling. That makes it a vital component of your bedroom’s design.

        The simplest approach is to match the ceiling with the wall colors. It’s a trick to eliminate the borders. The entire room would seem endless, creating an illusion that it’s bigger.

        Alternatively, you can pick the ceiling as the “statement wall.” You can put a single color on the sides but add a unique pattern to the upper room’s section. Whether you go with dots or sky-inspired options, it’ll ensure the room seems more spacious.

        4. Consider Accessories That Have Double Functions

          Decorative items are important, but every inch is important in a small bedroom. So how about considering accessories that have double functions? You could put hanging hooks on walls. They are suitable for positioning hats, and it’s even possible to use jewelry as artwork.

          Your dresser could double as a nightstand. The only necessary step is to keep it close to the bed. The closer side of the nightstand would serve for your essentials. The farther part can accommodate a mirror and a chair. It’ll ensure you have enough room to get ready.

          Also, consider the space under the bed for storage. If the frame is high enough, you can acquire drawers separately. Many bed collections come with additional storage options included in the set.

          5. Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

            The math is simple – light creates the illusion that a room is more spacious than it is. Look for ways to maximize natural illumination in the area. You can add a few windows, but don’t forget curtains when you need privacy.

            Another trick is to place the mirror to reflect the sunlight. Thanks to that, the area would seem bigger. You’ll also appreciate the light bouncing around and improving overall illumination.

            6. The Importance of the Layout

              If you have a narrow room, position the bed to make the area seem longer. You might worry this will create a tunnel feeling, but there’s a way to counteract this. It includes adding different wallpapers on opposite sides. You can also go with a mix of a single-colored design and a unique pattern.

              If you appreciate symmetry, place the bed in a central position. It’ll give you room on each side, so you can place nightstands or decorative items.


              Other Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

              Looking for more ideas? Here are quick tips if you need inspiration:

              • Hang the plants from the ceiling. Utilizing the room’s height is great for limited spaces. Hanging the plants from the ceiling can boost the area’s appearance while leaving the floor space for other items.

              • Place curtains close to the ceiling. It’ll increase the room’s height. Regardless of how tall it actually is, it will seem the distance from the floor to the top is ten feet.

              • Consider vertical storage. You can mount shelves on the wall close to the ceiling. It’s convenient when you run out of eye-level space in small bedrooms.

              • Add a floating desk. If you need a space-saving idea, place a wall-mounted shelf with storage being its default use. But make it deep enough to position your laptop and use it as a workspace when necessary.


              Final Thoughts

              The secret of decorating a small bedroom lies in maximizing every inch of space. Many furniture pieces can have double functions. Nightstands can be dressers, accessories that work as decorative items, etc.

              Your first step is getting a top-quality bed and mattress. It should fit your style and be of sufficient size. Whether it’s a brown king bed frame or a unit without a headboard, it is imperative it fits your preference. After acquiring this foundational furniture piece, it’ll be easy to incorporate the rest. And you can choose everything online while browsing reputable stores. Don’t hesitate to pick the desired items and place an order today!

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