6 Ways to Decorate With a King Size Bed in a Small Room

6 Ways to Decorate With a King Size Bed in a Small Room

A lot of people want a king size bed with mirror headboard, but they don’t have a large bedroom. Some of them might even force a king-sized bed into a small room, but it ends up taking up all the space. If you’ve experienced the same thing, then you made a mistake during the decoration phase.

We’ve listed down a few simple tips on how you can effectively add a king bed with mirror headboard to your bedroom.


How to Use a King Size Bed with Mirror Headboard in Your Small Room

1. Choose the Right Lighting Design

You don’t have a lot of floor space to add side tables to your bed. Since the king-size bed already took up most of the space, the best thing to do is to ditch the side tables and stick with wall lights. This is an unorthodox method, but there are several reasons why you should do this:

  • Wall lighting provides more space in your room since you won’t need the side tables. You can place the lighting at the top of the headboard or just place at least two lights on the left and right sides of the bed.

  • It’s more convenient to use wall lights since they are usually controlled using a remote or you can simply use your smartphone to turn it on and off. Look for dimmable lighting so you can sleep properly even with lights on and you can make it brighter if you need to do something.

  • LED lights are cheaper and they also last longer compared to regular lighting. This can help you save more money in the long run and prevent unnecessary repairs.

2. Use a Light Color Palette

The goal of using a light color palette is to create the illusion of space in your bedroom. Since you already have a small area, it is better to use pale shades to make it look bigger when someone sees it. You can do this by using light colors for the walls and the bedroom furniture.

Try coloring the walls with white or pale blue and use furniture in your bedroom with a light wood finish. Using mirrored doors for your closet will also be a good choice as it would reflect light in the room, which will then give the illusion of space.

White is the most common color used for small bedrooms because it can brighten the corners, making your room feel and look spacious. However, you don’t have to worry about your room turning into a white paradise. You can add some colors to your furniture. You can add shades of blue and green and other pastel colors so you can create contrast.

3. Play Around with Scale

Since you are fixated on the king size bed, you need to adjust the furniture in the room. Instead of buying wide furniture, you should focus on narrow and tall pieces. This would help you save considerable floor space since the bed already takes most of it. The best way to compensate for this is by playing around with scale and finding narrow furniture pieces.

For the cabinets, it’s better to find taller ones instead of the wide models. This way, you can save more space and make the small bedroom look a bit bigger. Take note that you still have the option to buy wide furniture, but you should be ready to run out of floor space if you do this.

4. Use Natural Light

This is actually one of the simplest ways to make your small room bigger even with a king-sized bed. By letting natural light enter your room, it will look bigger because the dark parts will be brightened. It’s the same with lighting, which is the reason why most homeowners decide to add a large window to their bedroom.

You should let more light enter the bedroom and don’t use heavy curtains as well. You should only consider roman blinds as they can make your room look more spacious compared to a typical curtain. Make sure that you don’t put anything that would obstruct the window and prevent natural light from coming in.

5. Bed with a Storage

One of the smartest design ideas that you can consider when it comes to king size bed with mirror is adding storage below it. There are so many designs where the bottom part of the bed is turned into a cabinet where you can put your clothes and important documents. In the past, it was considered a secret drawer, but today, it is used as a storage space for all types of items.

This is a good pick because you won’t have to build a cabinet if you are using the room by yourself. You can just put all your things in the bottom drawers and keep them there. You won’t have to buy cabinets so you can also save more floor space. The bed is extremely big so this would give you a lot of storage space. Take note that you will have to customize a design for this. There might be a few brands that are offering beds like this, but most of the time, you will have to customize a design.

6. Using Mirrors to Reflect Light

It’s always been a great idea to use mirrors to draw more light to your bedroom and to make it look bigger in the eyes of your guests. By adding a reflective surface to your walls, you can make the room feel bigger. Although it is just a trick, it’s a good way to make them think that your bedroom is big.

If you have a space on the wall beside your bed, you can add bespoke mirrors. The mirrors should be from floor to ceiling. Another option is to add a large mirror opposite the window. This would reflect the most natural light during daytime, creating the illusion of a large space.

You just have to find a way to add mirrors in your bedroom and you’re good to go.


The Benefits of a King-Sized Bed

You’re probably wondering why a lot of people want a king-sized bed even if they have a small room. Aside from aesthetic reasons, having a large bed can bring a wide range of benefits to you. Here are some of the things that you should know about this.

1. Couples Love a Wider Bed

Couples can sleep well at night if they have enough space to wiggle and move around. Take note that some people prefer sleeping in a wide bed so if you and your partner are the same, it’s better to get a king-size bed as it would allow both of you to move around freely while sleeping.

2. You Spend Most of Your Time in Bed

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of your house. It’s the place where you spend most of your time when you’re at home. You get the privacy that you want and you can do whatever you want in your bedroom.

Even if you don’t sleep for 8 hours a day, you still spend most of your life in the bedroom. It means that you need to have the best quality of sleep. By using a large bed, you can reduce the chances of disturbance while you are sleeping. You can just lie down comfortably and enter dreamland without worrying about anything.

3. Perfect for Pet Lovers

If you don’t have a partner and you have pets in your house, there’s a chance that these pets would always stick with you at night. Well, most of them would probably sleep in your bed as well. It won’t be a good idea to use smaller beds since it would be too crowded.

Using a king-size bed can resolve this issue. You can have one side for yourself, while the other side can be occupied by your pets.

4. Comfort

Have you ever tried sleeping in a large bed? Do you have any idea how comfortable it is to sleep in a very large bed? Just the thought of having a large bed by yourself is already relaxing. The security that you feel when you lie down also adds to the comfort that it provides.

By using a king size bed with mirror headboard, you can fully experience the relaxation that you want when you are inside your bedroom.

5. Improved Sleep

If you’re having a hard time sleeping in a small bed, try it in a larger one. It is said that large beds can improve your sleep. This is because of the large space that you have. You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable because you are certain that you won’t fall from your bed.



Decorating your small bedroom with a king size bed with mirror headboard is not easy if you don’t have any prior experience in interior design. It’s easy to design a bedroom, but decorating a smaller area is very challenging because you are limited when it comes to furniture.

For those who are looking for high-quality king-sized beds, we offer a range of items that you will surely love.

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