Dresser Styling 7+ Ways to Decorate a Bedroom

Dresser Styling: 7 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is a challenging project. You want to make it visually stunning but can’t compromise the functionality. The area should dazzle you once you enter, so it’s all about finding suitable furniture pieces. 

Does a white and gold dresser suit your taste? Would you like a huge bed with a headboard to feel like an aristocrat? If you love the elegant and luxurious style, this guide is right up your alley. It’ll cover how to decorate a bedroom with different premium dresser styling options. Here’s how to make your sleeping area look dazzling while maximizing functionality!

How to Decorate a Bedroom with a Dresser

A dresser is a special furniture piece intended for bedrooms. As it often features a mirror, many also call it vanity. A dresser is a wide item with multiple drawers. They offer generous storage space and are bigger and deeper than regular units. Most people use the top surface for putting on makeup. Dressers usually require a matching chair that allows you to be in a sitting position while getting ready.

If you find the dresser a necessary item, you want a stylish piece to boost the bedroom’s appearance. It’s best to stick to premium brands to maximize furniture quality and durability. Here are the top suggestions on choosing a dresser that helps decorate your bedroom!

1. Homey Design Luxury Antique Gold Dresser HD-6065

You watch movies from the Victorian era and love seeing those vast bedrooms aristocrats used. If antique appearance is what you’ll like in your house, Homey Design has the perfect furniture piece. Their HD-6065 dresser offers that traditional look but doesn’t forget a modern touch. It’s what you get with glass present among the available materials.

Apart from glass, the manufacturer uses wood and composite compounds. The dresser has strong and stable legs. The main section features six drawers in a 3x2 layout. You’ll appreciate the generous space to store clothing items. From the outside, the drawers feature an intriguing pattern. That front makes the entire item attractive. It can easily be the focal point of your bedroom.

The total dimensions of this white and gold dresser are 62x18x32 inches. It’s enough to get a huge room inside the drawers, but also on the top surface. You can place jewelry boxes, decorative plants, makeup, etc. The design doesn’t predict room for a chair. But if you feel more comfortable sitting down, don’t hesitate to add a matching one.

2. Whiteline Anna Double Dresser

Do you prefer modern bedrooms and a minimalistic approach? If you aren’t a fan of a conventional style, Whiteline has an ideal modern dresser. You can find this unit in single and double setups. But the latter maximizes convenience since it adds extra storage room.

The drawers feature a classic 3x2 layout. Each compartment has a self-closing mechanism. It eliminates banging noise and contributes to the unit’s durability. The entire piece is 63” wide, ensuring sufficient storage room for one or two persons. Thanks to the height of 30 inches, it’s at the optimal position for a chair. You’ll even find room to place it on the unit’s right side.

The upper dresser’s section features an unusual design. You’ll find two surface levels on the top. It allows expressing your creativity with different decorative items. The manufacturer offers a mirror, but it’s necessary to buy it separately. Anna Double Dresser weighs 179 pounds. It comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to bother with installation.

3. Homey Design Luxury White and Gold Dresser

Gold has always been a symbol of luxury. It’s no wonder people choose this color for home decoration, especially when they want to emphasize elegance. Homey Design offers this unique white and gold dresser as a transition between modern and conventional. The unit shape is contemporary. You could say the same for the legs, and the white gloss is often present in modern decors.

However, the golden handles and other details add that aristocratic touch. The dresser reminds you of a bathroom vanity, except you place it in the sleeping area. The unit’s total width is impressive at over 70 inches. The depth and height are 23.2” x 31.9”, but the dresser’s line isn’t straight. Instead, you’ll notice a slight curve.

Users will find three drawers on the left and one huge compartment on the right. That storage section has a shelf that ensures you can organize items well. The legs provide maximum stability, although they have a reversed triangle shape. The secret lies in the flat bottom. Footpad protection will ensure you don’t scratch the bedroom’s surface.

4. Homey Design HD-8086 Luxury Gold Dresser

You can’t be indifferent toward this piece. You’ll either love the satin gold dresser or hate it. If you are in the former category, you’ll appreciate the unusual design. It does have six drawers, but they don’t take the entire unit’s width. Instead, the compartments are in the central section. It still offers generous space, especially since the item is higher than usual.

The sides are there for visual effect. You’ll find unique golden patterns suitable for bedrooms. The legs are durable and boost the luxurious unit’s appearance. It’s all in golden tones, meaning you’ll need colorful decorative items. The manufacturer used wood and composite materials to maximize durability.

5. Homey Design HD-8030 Dresser

Here’s another white gold dresser by Homey Design. The creators ensured the unit features a unique appearance. It’s an oversized furniture piece with original gold decorations on the base. The manufacturer describes the primary color as plantation cove white.

The dresser is 80 inches wide and features a curved shape. There’s a circle-like opening in the middle. The manufacturer planned a tabouret stool to position there and not a classic chair. It gives you generous room to put on makeup and get ready. Thanks to that, this dresser is ideal who plan to use this unit actively.

As for storage compartments, they are on the sides. You’ll find two vast drawers with handles, making them easy to open. The compartments have shelves to enable more freedom in organizing items. The storage room isn’t that generous, but it should be enough for a single user.

6. Flynn Mid Century Modern Drawer Dresser

Forget about an aristocratic black and gold dresser. If you find those items tacky, how about reverting to simplicity? Alpine Furniture designed this dresser for vintage bedrooms. The classic design doesn’t compromise durability. Moreover, the manufacturer uses mahogany solids and okoume veneer to secure the maximum lifespan.

The timeless classic lines will ensure you easily fit the dresser with other bedroom items. The only thing to consider is the brown color dominating the unit. The dressing piece isn’t large since it is only 56 inches wide. But the manufacturer added seven drawers to ensure plenty of storage room.

7. Homey Design Luxury Luna Silver Dresser

If you prefer compact-sized dressing units, Home Design has a candidate in that category. But 59 inches of width won’t be the only surprise. The overall design is impressive, primarily since the manufacturer uses only wood and composite materials. They added a luxurious glossy silver finish. It makes the dresser seem like made from aluminum or another metal.

Patterns on each drawer and the bottom section break the single-color monotony. Legs feature an unusual shape and ensure maximum stability. A mirror that belongs to the same collection would round up the entire area’s appearance. The dresser is perfect for various styles, from traditional to industrious and modern.

5 Tips to Decorate Your Dresser

As an integral furniture piece, a dressing unit contributes to your bedroom’s appearance. If you want to maximize the esthetic potential, check out these tips for decorating this fixture:

  • Mirrors are helpful. Most manufacturers sell them separately, or you can pick a fixture from a different collection. Either way, a mirror is imperative for a dresser. It allows seeing how you look while getting ready.

  • Add tall decorative pieces to achieve vertical balance. For example, put a plant in a pot or vase and place it on the side. Dressers are wide and relatively short, and this will add some height.

  • Find a fitting chair. First, consider if you even need to be in a sitting position next to the dresser. If you prefer having a chair, it’s imperative to find a matching item.

  • Place a tray for small essentials. It’ll boost the overall organizational feeling of the dresser. You can put a nail polisher, remover, and other cosmetic essentials in the tray.

  • It’s all about balance. You can’t put all your decorative fixtures on one side while having the other one empty. Use candles, jewelry boxes, framed photos, and other items to achieve the desired balance. Once you have everything ready, observe the dresser from a distance. Adjust the decorative items until you are happy with the results. 

Final Thoughts

A dresser can be an integral part of bedroom decoration. The furniture piece is wide and space-consuming, making it perfect for the focal point. The only remaining task is to pick a suitable item. If you want an antique dresser, it can boost the room’s overall aristocratic feeling. 

Some prefer overlaps between conventional and traditional styles. A white and gold dresser is a decent fit here. You can keep things basic and go for a simple modern wooden unit. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong by sticking to reputable brands. And it’s far easier to order items online. You can pick your favorite piece and have it delivered without leaving the house!

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