What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

If you're redecorating the bedroom and trying to decide what paint color goes with cherry wood furniture, you have plenty of options for creating a beautiful, comfortable space that perfectly complements the natural elegance of the wood. You can make any room look stunning and inviting with the right colors. This blog will explore color combinations that work well with cherry wood bedroom furniture so you can find the perfect shade to create an eye-catching and timeless look.

What Is Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

Cherry wood bedroom furniture is an upscale, luxurious option for those seeking a peaceful sleep space. The rich color of woodgrain cherry creates an inviting feel to any room. Cherry wood is also used for durability and strength. It is ideal for a traditional and classic look in any home decor.

Go With Cherry Wood Furniture Options

From canopy beds to nightstands, dressers, and more, cherry wood bedroom furniture comes in designs that complement classical and contemporary styling. Cherry wood furniture is crafted from solid hardwood, so it's highly long-lasting and adds a subtle elegance to the overall design of your bedroom. Plus, it's straightforward to maintain—most pieces don't require much upkeep.

Dark Shades in Cherry Wood Furniture

In addition to the classic look of cherry wood in its dark hues, many modern takes on cherry furniture have recently entered the market, allowing you to add a contemporary edge to your home decor. Adding bold colors like gray or blue modernizes the collection while keeping with the traditional aspects of cherry wood craftsmanship. Natural wood staining can give added depth to your selection of modern bedroom furniture sets and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

For those looking for more ornate than the classic, cherry wood furnishings can also provide plenty of eye-catching details. Intricately carved legs or headboards will make your bedroom stand out. Delicately curved spindles add an air of sophistication and luxury, making the traditional style more dynamic yet still maintaining its timeless appeal. If you purchase cherry wood furniture, you are likely to draw the attention of every visitor.

Whether you're looking for a minor change in your bedroom decor or thinking of a renovation, cherry wood furniture provides ample opportunities for creating a balanced look. The style offers many options so that homeowners can create an elegant space.

Paint Colors That Look Great With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture


If you're looking for a classic combination of colors and finishes, white walls with cherry wood bedroom furniture are ideal. This combination looks sophisticated and stylish and creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere, making your bedroom perfect for relaxation. The light hues of the walls contrast nicely with the warmer tones of the black cherry wood, adding dimension and texture to any space. The neutral colors provide a classic backdrop, so you can feel confident about decorating your room this way. This backdrop will aid your escape from day-to-day worries by creating a calming environment you can enjoy for years.


Taupe is the perfect backdrop to make cherry wood bedroom furniture stand out. The neutral shade creates a canvas to feature the wooden furniture's natural tones and detailed craftsmanship. Together, they give off an earthy yet sophisticated vibe that lends to total relaxation in your bedroom oasis. Even better, if you feel creative, taupe is also easy to decorate with other colors. Let the warm tones of an elegant cherry wood bed be center stage in your room, framed perfectly by a subtle taupe wall color.


A lemongrass wall color is a sophisticated yet refreshing choice for any bedroom. A warm, earthy hue like this will provide a luxurious backdrop for the cherry wood bedroom furniture to stand out. It offsets the wood's boldness and subtly brings brightness and vibrancy into the room. If you're looking to create an inviting and chic atmosphere, Lemongrass is the ideal option.

Pale Green

Embrace a sense of luxury with the combination of pale green walls and cherry wood bedroom furniture. The mix of cool and warm tones creates an atmosphere that is at once inviting and tranquilizing. Whether settling down to read a book or enjoy the sunrise, the colors surrounding you will create a relaxing atmosphere with calming vibes.

Choose accessories in complementary colors, such as earthy tones (light blue), to further elevate the look and add depth to the room. If you want to get creative, add touches of metallic elements such as bronze or gold for a luxurious touch that also makes a bold statement. With your newly-redecorated room, there's no better way to escape from the stresses of life and relax in style.


A bedroom with cherry wood furniture and a soft gray wall color is a tranquil, gentle space that has the potential to be quite cozy. The warmth of the wood paired with the cool tones of the walls can offer an inviting atmosphere, perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day. The walls provide an excellent backdrop to showcase art or family photographs and contrast nicely with the reddish hues in the furniture. Decorating is simplified, as any accent colors will easily complement this combination. Gray paint on an accented wall with cherry wood bedroom furniture can be classic, timeless, and stylish enough to fit into modern home designs.

What Accent Color Go With Cherry Wood?

Deciding on a color to help bring out cherry furniture's warm and inviting colors can be challenging. Dark accent colors will always contrast nicely with rich cherry furniture, creating a more dramatic appeal. Dark colors from the color wheel for an accent shade could be navy, charcoal gray, and black. Light accent wall colors make any room look bigger and brighter. Off-white, yellow and pale green are all light colors that could pair perfectly with a classic cherry wood look in any space. If you want to keep it traditional with an earthy feel, terra cotta, beige, or khaki can contrast beautifully with classic cherry wood pieces.

Dark and Light Accent Colors

Cherry wood is a timeless beauty that fits any interior design and offers a rich, warm look. The endless possibilities for accent colors are perfect for bringing your space to life. To create contrast and interest, you can play with contrast colors, such as dark and light. Darker colors like blues or greens work well against the natural reddish hue of the cherry wood, while lighter colors like pale yellow or pale pink offer a contrast without being quite as dramatic. You can also try mustard yellow and beige walls for a new look. Experimenting with both dark and light accent colors will make your room feel vibrant but also elegant.

Earth Accent Colors

Mixing and matching unique materials for a custom look is always exciting in design. If you go with cherry wood, you can create a warm and inviting material, but if you want to add an extra personality to your décor, consider accenting with earth tones. The deep oranges of terracotta can add a rustic edge while also bringing in some brightness, the subtle texture of sandstone can give a room an exotic flair, and oatmeal-hued linen fabric can soften the edges of furniture made from cherry wood, giving the room a cozy essence. Earth accents like light blue bring natural shapes and tones into the home, creating an atmosphere that's hard to imitate with other color combinations.


Is cherry wood furniture outdated?

Cherry wood furniture is trending. The timeless appeal of cherry wood makes it an excellent choice for traditional and modern homes. Cherry is an ideal material for furniture because it has unique properties that give it a rich, beautiful color that can range from light brown to deep red with various shades in between. It's also extremely durable - cherry wood can last for generations when appropriately treated. When finished with wax or lacquer, the grain on the cherry takes on a high sheen that adds elegance to any room. Additionally, this type of wood can be easily shaped into just about any design you want, giving you plenty of options. Although trends come and go, the classic look of cherry wood furniture will always be in style.

Does cherry wood change color?

Cherry wood furniture can change color over time. The overall effect will depend on several factors, such as the type of finish used and the amount of direct sunlight the piece is exposed to. The process typically takes several years but can result in a noticeably darker hue.

Cherry wood has an inherent tendency to darken due to its high tannin. As the wood ages, it will naturally oxidize, giving it a deeper reddish-brown hue than when first crafted. Finishes also play an important role since some types may create a barrier against oxidation and protect against color changes, while others will be less effective. Consider using polyurethane or polyacrylics if you want your piece to remain light for longer periods due to their coating's protective properties.

Does cherry wood furniture last long?

Cherry wood furniture is known for its durability and longevity. It is a dense hardwood that can last up to 100 years if properly cared for. It's dimensionally stable and won't warp or bend when exposed to moisture or temperature changes. The grain pattern of cherry wood also gives it an attractive appearance over time as it ages gracefully with the owner. Not only is cherry furniture durable, but it also has a beautiful look due to its reddish-brown color and smooth texture, which deepens in hue as it ages and develops a patina over time. Proper care of cherry furniture will ensure your pieces look great and endure years of use, making them worth your investment in the long run.

Does cherry wood scratch easily?

Cherry wood is a popular choice for furniture due to its attractive, grainy appearance. However, potential buyers are often concerned about its vulnerability to scratches and dents as it ages. Fortunately, when properly cared for, cherry wood is quite resistant to scratches and other surface damage. Like any wooden surface, cherry wood should be wiped down regularly with a damp cloth and frequently dusted with a soft brush to remove the accumulation of dust particles that can scratch the wood's finish over time. In addition, using coasters on any hot items placed directly on the wood will help protect against heat damage from condensation or water spots.

Can cherry wood be stained?

Yes, cherry wood can be stained to achieve various effects. Cherry is generally known for the dark reddish color it takes on when exposed to sunlight, but with staining, you can have greater control over the color of your finished project. For instance, if you are looking for a light or yellowish hue, you can opt for stains that include walnut or honey. Applying a mahogany stain may be appropriate if you desire to deepen and enrich cherry wood's natural red/purple tones.


Ultimately, the paint color used for cherry wood bedroom furniture can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. Blue, moss, green, or plum can add drama and sophistication to the room while still complementing the natural tones of your wood furniture. Various lighter colors, such as taupe, gray, or even cream, also work well. Considering all this, it's essential to consider your style and any existing home decor when adding furniture to the bedroom. No matter which colors you pick, when paired complementarily, it will create an inviting space that is memorable and long-lasting.

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